CuraCloud™ enables healthcare clinicians and researchers to access advanced artificial intelligence (AI) for their work, enabling better patient outcomes, new kinds of insights and cost-effective efficiencies. Many of our solutions require regulatory clearance and/or approvals and are at present are offered only for research purposes with qualified organizations.

Our solutions support:

For Radiology Practices

Radiology practices will use CuraCloud AI for:

  • Efficiency – increasing speed of radiology examinations while maintaining quality and reducing costs
  • Precision – supporting accurate measurement and feature characterization
  • Expertise – facilitating top-tier care through expert systems over geographically dispersed areas
CuraCloud technologies supply a competitive edge because they are:

  • Embedded in existing workflows, providing the right information at the right time without extra steps
  • Ground-breaking, enabling new kinds of radiological exams and offering noninvasive alternatives
  • Scalable, allowing the integration of new practices and services quickly
CuraCloud technologies relevant to radiology practices:  medical image analysis and natural language processing for clinical data

For Cancer Centers

Leading cancer centers can use CuraCloud to enhance their capabilities for:

  • Personalized medicine, particularly the identification of genomic biomarkers for optimizing treatment choices and improving outcomes
  • Comprehensive perspectives that span radiological, anatomic pathology and molecular oncology evidence to enable appropriate treatment
  • Lower cost screening, with prepopulated reports and algorithmic diagnostic aids, particularly for lung cancer
Our technologies uniquely:

  • Handle large images, easing extraction of image information for synthesis with genomic and clinical data, enabling new kinds of comparative effectiveness analyses.
  • Span modalities, enabling teams to integrate information from DNA, RNA, Xray, CT, PET, MRI, digital pathology, and other areas for new kinds of insights.
  • Automate onerous tasks, such as extraction of outcomes information from unstructured clinical text and images, speeding development of evidence-based approaches.
CuraCloud technologies relevant to cancer centers:  medical image analysis, natural language processing for clinical data and genomics.

For Health Researchers

Researchers are working with CuraCloud’s R&D team to make important advances in healthcare and basic biology.

Relevant technologies:

  • Genomics, including discovery methods for molecular oncology
  • Medical image analysis, particularly use of digital pathology and radiology images as possible end-points for clinical trials
  • Natural language processing for clinical trial recruitment, disease registry population and outcomes analysis

For Health IT Vendors

Health IT vendors enhance their technologies with CuraCloud’s AI, enabling:

  • Innovation that keeps them at the leading edge of the field
  • Efficiency, allowing speed and cost savings
  • Expertise, gaining practical AI experience in their markets


CuraCloud technology and services stand out because they are:

  • API-enabled, allowing transparent incorporation of AI enhancements, incremental roll-out of improvements, and freedom from third party UI elements
  • Expert, built by a top-notch team of AI experts specialized in advanced approaches to medical imaging and data
  • International, with the capacity to open doors for partners in developing markets, where healthcare is growing fastest


For Others

CuraCloud’s machine learning tools also aid other organizations and specialties:



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