Natural Language Processing (NLP)


CuraCloud’s unusual breadth of capabilities across medical image analysis and natural language processing (NLP) provides unique advantages in training expert systems that can automate image analysis.

For example, a team can use CuraCloud™ NLP to efficiently label medical images, which eases training of AI models that then expedite physician diagnosis.  Alternatively, CuraCloud AI makes it easier to compile a registry of every person who has had a particular type of imaging test performed, which then enables comprehensive outcomes analysis.  As outlined in the example below, CuraCloud AI makes this process efficient, affordable and less burdensome on personnel.

Example Application: Registry Data Extraction from EMR

CuraCloud technology eases the burden of transforming free-text clinical notes into structured data suitable for submission to a cancer registry. The CuraCloud system automatically transforms electronic medical record (EMR) data into formatted patient registration information. This technology was developed with the feedback of a leading cancer center, so it has been tailored to the needs of real-world clinical data management teams and includes a flexible, easy-to-use web interface. The system enables data managers without any background in AI to leverage the deep learning techniques provided by CuraCloud’s NLP engine.


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