Development Planning

Improving healthcare begins with helping organizations optimize efficiency and improve performance. Our consultants work to understand your business environment to identify opportunities to develop applications that improve workflow and meet end-user needs.

Opportunity Assessment

For organizations interested in exploring opportunities to optimize efficiency and improve performance, we conduct an initial Opportunity Assessment. We review your business, clinical, and operational challenges to identify areas where machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing can be applied. This results in an Opportunity Assessment Report and an AI Development Roadmap for priority use cases. 
Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies provide organizations that have identified priority use cases with scientific, technology, business, and regulatory assessments for potential application. We also produce detailed research and development plans to design, build, test, and deploy applications.

AI Roadmap

Medical technology manufacturers often need expert help with dependency analysis for phasing enhancements and defining products within a portfolio. The Product Roadmap can be influenced by regulatory pathway considerations, the competitive landscape, and underlying technology capabilities. CuraCloud can provide a knowledgeable, independent perspective to inform research and development investment decisions.
Regulatory Pathway Analysis
Bringing solutions to the market requires early preparation and a clear understanding of the regulatory landscape. To help you bring your application to market, we review appropriate predicate devices that could influence the regulatory pathway for software medical devices (SaMD). This includes reviewing FDA 510(k) submissions for which premarket approval is not required, and for the de novo pathway in which the effectiveness of a new solution must be proven.

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