The Japanese healthcare system was designed for universal access and accessibility. Japan has made significant investments in radiological imaging and has the world’s highest per capita installations of Computed Tomography (CT) imaging machines. While Japan’s per capital costs of healthcare are far lower than that of the US, the aging of the population means greater prevalence of diseases of aging, including cancer and diseases of the circulatory system. Japan’s healthcare providers are getting older, too. Can AI make a difference in the quality and efficiency of diagnostic imaging? Can an integrated approach that includes genomic testing and medical imaging analysis improve clinical decision making by Japanese clinicians? CuraCloud is the healthcare AI company selected to participate in the Washington State Department of Commerce Tech Mission to Tokyo. CuraCloud’s goal is to build relationships with institutions and companies in Japan who are ready to apply AI to medical image analysis, genomics, and clinical data extraction. The mission consists of a series of presentations at venues in Tokyo, culminating at SoftBank World 2017CuraCloud presents “Smarter Healthcare through AI” on Friday 7/21/17 at 4:40pm.