We are delighted that some of the CuraCloud team’s scientific work will be featured at the 21st International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) from September 16th to 20th 2018 in Granada, Spain. Hao-Yu Yang, an algorithm engineer at CuraCloud Corporation in Seattle, will attend to present posters on the topics of “Volumetric Adversarial Training for Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation” and “Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation with Contour Aware Residual Network and Adversarial Training”. Posters from other CuraCloud scientists accepted for display include “Invasive Cancer Detection Utilizing Compressed Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning”, and “Integrate Domain Knowledge in Training CNN for Ultrasonography Breast Cancer Diagnosis”. CuraCloud is proud of the work of our scientists and committed to bringing advances in medical image analysis technology into practical clinical use to benefit patients.