Choosing a Valuable AI Collaboration Partner

Oct 10, 2019

Christina Nelson, Communication Specialist

Developing a clinically valuable AI-powered solution requires the synergy of healthcare clinicians, AI experts and valuable clinical data to gain unparalleled insights to diagnostics and better patient outcomes. Moving beyond the hype of AI to find a credible AI development partner can be daunting. 

When getting started on your search to find aAI partner, examine these four areas to find a credible team that can create a solution that matches your unique technical environment and patient care priorities. 

1. Verify collaborator credibility through scientific validation

Teams need to have a proven history of driving innovative scientific research within the fields of healthcare and AI. Ensure that your collaboration partner is backed by a team of reputable scientists that are at the forefront of innovative research. Ask for a list of publications and conferences attended by your potential AI development team to understand the expertise and knowledge base of the team.

2. Evaluate collaborative development method

Companies that claim to be driving innovation through collaboration need to have a proven method for collaboration that has resulted in the creation of excellent partnerships. Read available white papers examining collaborative development frameworks and carefully interview potential collaboration partners to uncover how the team will work with you to meet your needs and patient care priorities throughout the development cycle. The team you choose to partner with needs to be trustworthy and compatible with your team in order to deliver valuable results.

3. Identify experience with gaining regulatory clearances

Regulatory clearances, including US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory clearance and CE marking, are mandatory for bringing medical devices to clinical use. Verify that the company you are partnering with has experience navigating the regulatory approval process to bring medical devices to market, either through regulatory approvals or pending statuses.

4. Examine company investment size

In a new market place that is driven by emerging start-up AI development companies, having a clear understanding of the investments backing the company will give your team insight into the potential longevity of the partnership. Look into who backs the company, the investment size and the size of the company that has pledged an investment to see if your collaboration partner will be able to stick around to bring value to your organization.

Combining the expertise of AI developers with the subject matter expertise of healthcare clinicians can drive the future of innovationbut only if both teams have a clear understanding of the end goal. Investing in custom AI development services can bring valuable benefits to healthcare that transform patient care, reduce costs and ease the radiologist’s workflow through meaningful collaboration.