4 Tips to Tackle the RSNA 2019 AI Showcase

Nov 13, 2019

Christina Nelson, Communication Specialist

Artificial intelligence (AI) will increase its footprint at the 105th Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, featuring over 140 vendors in the AI Showcase. With more vendors than ever showcasing how they are applying AI in radiology, attendees need to prepare a plan of action to make the most of their time in Chicago.

Navigating the AI Showcase

This year, the AI Showcase will be hosted in a larger space in North Building, Level 2, Hall C as showcase figures have increased 25 percent from 2018. As you plan your RSNA itinerary, we recommend you take the following steps to ensure you make the most of your time: 

1. Find relevant exhibitors

With over 780 exhibiting vendors and 50,000 attendees in McCormick Place, having a clear plan of action prior to landing in Chicago will help you manage the chaos. In the weeks before the annual meeting, utilize RSNA’s Map Your Show feature to identify top prospects. The Map Your Show feature helps users to narrow their search by keyword to identify potential partners who are best aligned with their needs.

For example, users in need of AI research and development services can narrow the list of vendors by typing “AI R&D services” in the keyword search bar. By entering this keyword, the list is narrow to one vendor that offers AI R&D services. Other search options might include “machine learning” or “bioinformatics.” Researching which vendors offer products and services that match your needs prior to the annual meeting will help you invest your time in the right teams.

Figure 1. Users can narrow vendors by a relevant keyword, such as “AI R&D Services.”
Figure 2. The list of vendors is narrowed to one exhibitor when users type the keyword “AI R&D Services” in the search bar.

2. Schedule meetings and events ahead of time

It is easy to lose track of time during the annual meeting. Schedule meetings ahead of time with vendors to make sure you have valuable conversations while you are in Chicago. Getting meetings on the calendar early will allow your team to communicate your goals to the vendors you are interested in working with, ensuring the team can staff the booth with the right people to meet your needs.

Even after the meeting ends each day, attendees have the opportunity to participate in evening networking events. Look for opportunities to connect with experts at local networking events including RADxx: Cocktails for Change sponsored by Ambra Health.

3. Identify “hotspots” in the AI Showcase

The AI Showcase is the hotspot for AI subject matter experts to come together to share innovative ideas driving advancement in the field. While you are exploring the booths in the AI Showcase, we recommend you connect with several key players who are differentiating from their competitors.

This year, NVIDIA will feature 1-hour booth presentations from members of the NVIDIA Inception Program, showcasing how medical AI startups are applying AI and machine learning in radiology. CuraCloud will be among the teams presenting in NVIDIA booth #10939, sharing best practices for building valuable deep learning applications on Tuesday, December 3 from 2:40PM-3:40PM.

In addition, the American College of Radiology (ACR) will be showcasing educational resources for radiologists interested in applying AI within their practice across from CuraCloud at booth #11122.

4. Deepen your AI knowledge

With a bigger AI Showcase than ever comes more opportunities to increase your AI knowledge. Each day, vendors will present 20-minute talks on AI topics in the AI Theater. Each of these industry presentations will provide an opportunity for attendees to take a break from exploring exhibitor booths to learn more about how teams are innovating in healthcare. Dr. Xiaoxiao Liu, our Director of Products and Strategic Development, will be presenting her talk on Collaborative Medical AI Development on Tuesday, December 3 from 2:40PM-3:40PM. Dr. Liu’s talk will examine how CuraCloud works to develop clinically meaningful technology that generates real clinical benefits in collaboration with clients.

In addition, the RSNA AI Deep Learning Lab has now been integrated within the AI Showcase. The RSNA AI Deep Learning Lab is a hands-on classroom that will feature four educational sessions during the annual meeting. This will provide a space for attendees to explore how AI can be applied within their daily practice.

Making the most of the annual meeting

RSNA 2019 will present the most comprehensive access for radiologists and healthcare professionals to explore AI than any event this year. Make the most of your trip, and follow RSNA’s call to “Explore Possibilities Together.”