CuraRad AI Development Services

Create custom AI-driven quality and productivity innovations.

AI for Smarter Healthcare

Collaborate with a world-class team of medical AI experts to change healthcare as we know it.

Increase Diagnostic Precision

Enable cancer care teams to more precisely detect, screen and treat invasive disease.

Augment Human Expertise

Deliver world-class care anywhere based on advanced diagnostics and expert systems.

Expedite Critical Cases

Speed and prioritize radiologist review by using AI to spot features of concern.

Our Solutions

CuraCloud™ enables health organizations and IT vendors to deliver personalized medicine at low cost through expert systems that augment physician knowledge, speed precise diagnoses, and expedite critical cases.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are uniquely tailored to medical data, adding machine intelligence and automation to challenging steps in medical image analysis, clinical results mining, molecular oncology and other areas of medicine and research.

AI Custom Development Services

CuraRad AI Development Services supply medical imaging AI expertise and technical capabilities to healthcare organiza-tions to create their own quality and productivity innovations using computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced informatics.

The CuraCloud Edge

  • Experience: With 25 PhDs in medical AI, CuraCloud has developed specialized, proprietary algorithms for analyzing medical images and data that exceed the capabilities of publicly available libraries.
  • Comprehensive patient picture: CuraCloud’s technologies uniquely span complex areas of medicine, enabling smart, automated synthesis of many types of patient information.
  • International collaboration: Our team brings exceptional expertise in working across borders, enabling our partners to expand their international reach.


CuraCloud is actively seeking collaborators to achieve smarter healthcare through machine intelligence. Examples of our collaborations:

  • Radiology Workflow software company:  Clario Medical is collaborating with CuraCloud to use AI to prioritize radiology worklists, so that the most urgent exams are seen first.
  • Cancer center: A cancer research center is working with us to use Natural Language Processing to extract data from unstructured clinical documents in order to populate a cancer registry.
  • Academic research: Multiple groups are collaborating with CuraCloud to better detect circulating tumor cell DNA to aid cancer detection. A recent digital pathology project applied our machine learning technology to detect cancer metastasis in digitized slides of biopsy tissues.

Whom We Serve

Radiology Practices

Increasing the speed of radiology examinations while maintaining quality

Cancer Centers

Creating new tools for precision medicine

Health Researchers

Fueling new approaches to biomarker detection and outcomes analysis

Health IT Vendors

Adding an extra level of expertise and efficiency to smart systems that lead the way in innovation


Opening doors to new kinds of collaborations across fields of medicine

Benefits of AI for Healthcare

  • Efficiency through advanced AI, saving dollars and increasing the speed of medical image analysis while maintaining quality
  • Precision through machine intelligence, enabling personalized measurements for more accurate and actionable clinical findings
  • Expert assessments through AI-enhanced systems, providing advanced decision support to clinicians


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